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  MLM Server
     The ZNOVU MLM software product is a modular system designed for the operation of a multilevel marketing sales network. The whole system consists of relatively independent parts

     Center - The main module that contains data from all points of sale (data transferred over the Internet, on diskettes or in a "paper" form), performs commission calculation and pay-out, salespeople network management, commission calculation method configuration, statistics and overviews.

     Point of Sale - Software for direct sales, sales using cash on delivery, consignment sales (i.e. goods consigning). It can also be used to retype data from "paper" documents from points of sales that are not equipped with a computer to a computer. It manages the point-of-sale stock in units of measure and selling prices. The system allows up to 999 points of sale to be connected. Systm umouje napojen a 999 prodejen.

     Document Creation - Software that allows easy creation of "paper" documents issued by points of sale without a computer.

     Point-of-Sale Stock - Software that provides a view of remote points of sale and all movements and sales at a point of sale.

The Centerand Document Creation modules are sufficient for the elementary system functionality..
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