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  ExWin 2 Accounting System - Download
    The Express version is provided for free. It does not require registration and has no time limit. Some functions are restricted here. Upgrading to the fully-fledged Standard version is possible at any time with no need to reinstall.
Download Setup7.exe anywhere to your computer and run it. Carefully read the licence agreement and the contents of the ReadMe file displayed when the installation starts.
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Setup21.exe - ExWin 2.1 Express installation (24,1 MB)
" User Guide in PDF - a detailed description of ExWin 2.1
instEW.exe - ExWin Service installation for work with ExWin 2.1 on server via remote desktop

If you wish to use ExWin 2.1 as a file server in a network (the ExWin 2 software is installed just on a server and other computers run it from there), then you need to install the ExWin 2.1 client software to each station from which ExWin 2.1 is to be called. Instructions for the installation of ExWin2 Client can be found in the pdf file.
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