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  ExWin 2 Accounting System
    ExWin 2.1 Accounting System - new version of software for double-entry bookkeeping and related agendas

The ExWin accounting system is a modular system consisting of these elementary parts:
  • Double-entry bookkeeping
  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Other Payables and Receivables Ledger
  • Bank
  • Cashbook
  • Long-Term Assets

The system comes in two versions - Express and Standard.
The Standard version is paid and requires registration. The Express version is free and no registration is required. The Express installer is available in the download . section. Some functions are restricted in the Express version (e.g. data transfers to Excel, Homebanking support, batch posting).

If you are interested in the Standard version, please contact Znovu, s.r.o.

Upgrading from Express to Standard is possible at any time with no need to reinstall the software.
Both versions can be used both at a separate computer and in a network with server installation. The number of users simultaneously working with ExWin 2.1 is not limited in any way. The client software for workstations is also available in the Download section.
The ExWin System allows keeping the books and related agendas for multiple clients at once. Regular system updates are provided with service Packs , that are identical for both versions. The updates are provided for free (even for the Express version).
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User Guide in PDF - a detailed description of ExWin 2.1.
View Guide in PDF - view function of ExWin 2.1
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