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  Who We Are
     ZNOVU, an accounting and SW firm, was founded in 1989 and since the very beginning, it has pursued two business objectives, namely
  • Providing accounting and consulting service to small and medium-sized businesses, and
  • Creating economic SW for PC.
     After the years in business, the results of ZNOVU can be represented as followsm
  • It employs about 10 permanent employees
  • It keeps books for about 50 organizations
  • Its SW products are used by more than 150 organizations
  • It has its entrepreneurial risk covered by an insurance policy (which it has not had to use yet)
  • Its permanent staff has been stable for several years
     We believe that future is decided by reliability, ability to see the world through the client's eyes and ability to change as the times change. Only people that are free and committed to their own improvement can undertake such a task. This is the guarantee we offer and the capital that ZNOVU relies on.
     And about the name, ZNOVU. This is not an abbreviation but a Czech word (adverb of manner) meaning "again". It is inspired by Miroslav Holub's essay MAXWELL'S DEMON, OR ABOUT CREATIVITY (it's definitely worth reading).
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