Today is 5.2.2023   
   Welcome to the website of Znovu, s.r.o.

     Who we are : We are an accounting and software firm with experience gathered over more than fifteen years in accounting, wages, tax consulting and PC data application programming.

ZNOVU s.r.o.
Hostýnská 520
Praha 10 Malešice
Psč 108 00
tel: +420 274775009 mail: znovu@znovu.cz
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     For whom : Our services are intended for small and medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations that need bookkeeping, wages accounting, and accounting and tax consulting.

     Why : In addition to trained accountants, we also have our own accounting system and programmers that are able to adapt the system to clients' needs, arrange data conversions, connect the accounting software to existing systems and create related economic software.

     We have a stable clientele with a good portion of clients from abroad. Many years of operation in different environments have verified our accounting software, ExWin. You can download its functional version from our website.
Popular is our multilevel marketing MLM sales support software. It is used by thousands of salespeople in a number of European countries.
We also have experience in warehouse and sales systems programming and operation.

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