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  Software Price List





1. ExWin 2.1
Accounting System
Economic system for double-entry bookkeeping with the following modules (ledgers):
sales and purchase ledgers, bank, cashbook, other payables and receivables, long-term assets, petty assets, other payables and receivables. Data in DBF files.
Connectivity to banking systems, EXCEL, INTERNET provided. Allows distributed operation with batch data transmissions, archive of scanned documents.
  • EUR 170
  • CZK 4,400

    2. ExWin 2.1 SQL
    Economic system ExWin 2.1. Optional data storage in DBF files or in MS SQL Server (MS SQL 2005 or higher)
  • EUR 250
  • CZK 6,600

    3. ExWin 2.1
    Accounting System
    This is a practically usable system based on ExWin 2.1 Standard with limited number of documents per year.
    Freely downloadable from our website.
  • Free

  • 3. ExWin Warehouses Material warehouse with an ordering module.
    Programmatically and data-wise interconnected with ExWin.
  • EUR 240
  • CZK 6,500

    5. MLM Center The main module for Multi Level Marketing sales.
    Takes care of commission calculation and distribution, salespeople network maintenance, analyses and statistics, communication with points of sale. Contains standard calculation using the STAIR STEP/BREAK AWAY method (customization is charged extra).
  • EUR 1780
  • CZK 48,000

    6. MLM Point of Sale A module for online selling to salespeople, allowing cash sales, COD sales, consignment sales; interconnected with the Center module on-line (LAN, Internet). Web application with e-shop included.
  • EUR 630
  • CZK 17,000

    The standard versions of all of the above products can be customized according to individual customer needs.
    Price of programming: EUR 20/ hour   CZK 650 / hour

    The prices do not include the applicable rate of VAT.
    Price list valid: since 1 August 2015 until further notice
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